Our 33rd Annual Midwest Regional & Short Line Summer Conference, hosted via Zoom, was held on July 21, 2020.

View Rod Case Presentation - "Carload: The Railroads' Canary"

Railroaders, Friends & Supporters,

The 33rd Midwest Short Line & Regional Railroads Conference WILL GO ON and, we hope you can join us for an interesting and edifying gathering.

While we cannot get together in person, this year, we will make it worth your while to join us as we meet via Zoom for a two-hour look into our industry from several national and local perspectives. This live event will be held on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 from 2:00pm – 4:00pm (CT) via Zoom. 

Our featured speakers include:

Rodney Case, a partner at Oliver Wyman, and an international expert in transportation operations planning, infrastructure design and maintenance, strategy development, and performance management. Rod will share his insights from “Carload: The Railroads’ Canary” that he presented to Rail Trends, last November.

Honorable Ronald Batory, Administrator of the USDOT Federal Railroads Administration, will offer a look at the FRA’s safety advancements and the agency’s plans for future industry engagement.

Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Minnesota DOT, will provide a look at the Walz Administration’s statewide transportation initiatives and the role of freight rail in those plans.

Chuck Baker, President of the American Short Line & Regional Railroads Association, will update us on its newly commissioned Environment & Sustainability Initiative.

Katie Hatt, Minnesota Interagency Rail Director, will brief us on Governor Walz’ Minnesota Freight Rail Council and her role as the state’s new rail interface coordinator. 


This may be the best 2 hours you spend all week so, sign-up and invite your colleagues to join us, too.
There’s no cost to you!
Simply email [email protected] with the information below.
We’ll send you our agenda and the necessary Zoom contact information for this event, in return.

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Minnesota Regional Railroads Association is pleased to sponsor this event
and hopes to see you, again in person, next year.