Serving Minnesota Since 1987

The Minnesota Regional Railroads Association was formed in 1987 to better inform the public about Minnesota’s railroads. These railroads serve every corner of the state and have a developed mix of freight commodities.

The Minnesota Regional Railroads Association is organized to:

  • Exchange of useful information among the members, with opportunities for networking
  • Sharing information with the general public and with elected policy officials on Minnesota's transportation needs
  • Providing technical assistance and training for our membership
  • Carrying out legislative advocacy with all levels of government concerning small railroad issues


The Minnesota Regional Railroads Association is present at the State Capital to advocate for the interests of railroads operating in our state and provide information to lawmakers on the how railroads benefit Minnesota's economy.  Our 2022 legislative agenda was developed by our Board of Directors which includes Class I and short line representatives.  All members are encouraged to share these priorities with the local and state lawmakers.

  • $20 million in funding for the Minnesota Rail Service Improvement (MRSI) program that helps fund improvements to short line infrastructure  
  • Enacting a state Short Line Infrastructure Modernization (SLIM) tax credit to help reduce the costs of short line improvements
  • Authorize commissioning of railroad police as peace officers in Minnesota as is the currently the case in 47 other states 
  • Oppose utility company efforts to access railroad property without proper safeguards or compensation 
  • Oppose increased truck weights on Minnesota's roads that move business away from railroads and do damage to state roadways


Our annual Midwest Short Line & Regional Railroads Summer Conference will be held on July 17 - 19, 2022 at Arrowwood Resort near Alexandria, MN.  Our agenda and registration details will be available on this website in May.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend this informative and entertaining gathering.